Research Ethics Online Training

Research Ethics Online Training is adapted from an e-Learning course and resource package designed and produced by the World Health Organization (WHO) for use by internal staff. Research is a vital ingredient for improved global health and scientifically sound and ethically appropriate research is especially important in resource-poor settings where the need for locally applicable research findings is so great. Access the course here.

Essential Elements of Ethics

This free and open access e-Learning resource has been adapted from the Multi-Regional Clinical Trials Center at Harvard University (Harvard MRCT) Ethics Tool Kit. The Ethics Tool Kit was created to encourage protocol authors to address ethical issues in the design of studies and document their rationale in a section of the protocol that will be easily understood by review boards and investigators. This e-Learning resource will guide the development of a dedicated “Ethics section” of the protocol in which these Essential Elements are addressed or cross-referenced to other sections of the protocol. This tool will enable a quality and efficient review of a protocol’s ethical considerations by ethics committees. Access the course here.