Thank you for considering donating your REC application forms and protocols to TREAD, we welcome your contributions.

  1. Contribution of research applications is optional and researchers may use the site without donating any material.

  2. Donors confirm that they have read and agree to The Global Health Network Terms & Conditions and the TREAD members’ Code of Practice

  3. Only research applications approved by an ethics review committee may be contributed.

  4. Donors confirm that they own or have permission to use and share in this way all material included in the research application.

  5. Contributions should be accompanied by the email addresses of all co-investigators. TREAD will contact co-investigators to confirm that they agree to the conditions of submission. Anonymous contributions cannot be accepted. All donors will be acknowledged and listed on the site.

  6. Contributions may be removed from TREAD at any time by sending an email to with details of the material to be removed.

  7. Confidential information must be redacted before contributions are submitted. For example, if names or organizations are identified in the application but given pseudonyms in any publication, de-identify this information. Notify TREAD of this deletion and TREAD will proof read the application to check the identifier is not used elsewhere in the contribution.

  8. Upon receiving the contribution TREAD will review the suitability of the research application for displaying on this site.  TREAD reserves the right to decline to accept any contribution

  9. TREAD will keep all contributions confidential until agreement has been reached with donors that the materials may be added to the online application database.

Submission: Please send your contributions (including research ethics application forms, protocols, consent forms, appendices) to TREAD at Please contact us at if you have any questions about making a contribution.