The primary objective of this project is to explore the rise of molecular technologies in cancer screening and monitoring and their impacts on the experience of cancer survivorship.

15th July 2013 • comment

Lives and careers of Caribbean teachers in the UK

by Lavia, Jennifer, Sikes, Pat

This research focuses on the lives and careers of Caribbean teachers who have migrated to the UK through recruitment schemes by the UK government to fill the breach in areas of shortage within UK schools. 

23rd March 2012 • comment

Research and writing looking at the doctoral examination process has tended to focus on the perceptions and experiences of students, the practicalities of the viva situation, or on the ways in which examiners read doctoral theses and come to decisions about what recommendation (e.g. Pass, Minor Amendments, Resubmission, Fail etc) to make. 

22nd March 2012 • comment