The purpose of this project is to obtain a better understanding of cancer support groups in terms of: a) what they reveal about the cultural and social factors that mediate people’s experiences of cancer and b) what they reveal about the dynamics and functions of support groups themselves.

15th July 2013 • comment

The dissertation research project focuses on sexual consent to heterosexual casual sex among seasonal workers in Banff and Jasper Alberta. The study is a qualitative study using a modified grounded theory approach and textual analysis.

8th November 2012 • comment

This study aims to focus upon the practice of teaching, with a view to identifying the sets of knowledge and skills that are essential for teachers to know and be able to apply in higher education contexts. The goal of this study is to articulate the concepts and processes that make up the knowledge and skills base teachers draw upon and utilize as they teach in higher education settings.

23rd March 2012 • comment

The project’s aim is to investigate the conceptions of technology held by a group of undergraduate information technology students and how those conceptions change and develop across the period of one semester. 

22nd March 2012 • comment